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CAT50 ShrinkFIT Holders – Inch

  • Maximum T.I.R. only 0.0001"

  • Balanced 25,000 RPM at G2.5

  • Coolant-thru stop screw included

Product Description

CAT50 ShrinkFIT Holders designed to secure cutting tools used in high-speed milling machines are an excellent choice for high speed applications such as when machining with small diameter tools. Our high quality ShrinkFIT holders are manufactured to provide repeatable accuracy of less than 0.0001” runout to maximize tool life and performance. Extended gage lengths are available for long reach applications such as machining on horizontal machining centers. 

Part No.Descriptiond1d2d3l1l2stop screw threadcoolant stop screw2D3D
29051CAT50 x 1/8" I.D. - 4"1/8".36".72"4".79"M6 x 1.0P16081C-20 29051.dwg 29051.step
29052CAT50 x 3/16" I.D. - 3.54"3/16".42".74"3.54".79"M6 x 1.0P16081C-20 29052.dwg 29052.step
29052-6CAT50 x 3/16" I.D. - 6"3/16".42".71"6".79"M6 x 1.0P16081C-20 29052-6.dwg 29052-6.step
29054CAT50 x 1/4" I.D. - 3.54"1/4".71"1.02"3.54"1.42"M5 x 0.8P16080C-20 29054.dwg 29054.step
29054-6CAT50 x 1/4" I.D. - 6"1/4".71"1.06"6"1.42"M8 x 1.25P16080C-20 29054-6.dwg 29054-6.step
29054-8CAT50 x 1/4" I.D. - 8"1/4".71"1.06"8"1.42"M5 x 0.8P16080C-20 29054-8.dwg 29054-8.step
29056CAT50 x 5/16" I.D. - 3.54"5/16".79"1.06"3.54"1.42"M6 x 1.0P16081C-20 29056.dwg 29056.step
29058CAT50 x 3/8" I.D. - 3.94"3/8".94"1.26"3.94"1.42"M8 x 1.25P16082C-20 29058.dwg 29058.step
29058-6CAT50 x 3/8" I.D. - 6"3/8".78"1.06"6"1.42"M8 x 1.25P16082C-20 29058-6.dwg 29058-6.step
29058-8CAT50 x 3/8" I.D. - 8"3/8".78"1.06"8"1.42"M8 x 1.25P16082C-20 29058-8.dwg 29058-8.step
29060CAT50 x 1/2" I.D. - 3.94"1/2"1.10"1.34"3.94"1.85"M10 x 1.5P16083C-20 29060.dwg 29060.step
29060-6CAT50 x 1/2" I.D. - 6"1/2"1.10"1.34"6"1.85"M10 x 1.5P16081C-20 29060-6.dwg 29060-6.step
29060-8CAT50 x 1/2" I.D. - 8"1/2"1.10"1.34"8"1.85"M10 x 1.5P16083C-20 29060-8.dwg 29060-8.step
29062CAT50 x 5/8" I.D. - 3.94"5/8"1.06"1.34"3.94"1.97"M12 x 1.75P16085C-20 29062.dwg 29062.step
29062-6CAT50 x 5/8" I.D. - 6"5/8"1.06"1.34"6"1.97"M12 x 1.75P16085C-20 29062-6.dwg 29062-6.step
29064CAT50 x 3/4" I.D. - 4.13"3/4"1.42"1.65"4.13"2.04"M16 x 2.0P16089C-20 29064.dwg 29064.step
29066CAT50 x 3/4" I.D. - 6"3/4"1.42"1.65"6"2.04"M16 x 2.0P16089C-20 29066.dwg 29066.step
29068CAT50 x 1" I.D. - 4.13"1"1.81"2.09"4.13"2.28"M20 x 2.0P16091C-20 29068.dwg 29068.step
29070CAT50 x 1" I.D. - 6"1"1.81"2.09"6"2.28"M20 x 2.0P16091C-20 29070.dwg 29070.step
29072CAT50 x 1-1/4" I.D. - 4.13"1-1/4"1.81"2.09"4.13"2.28"M20 x 2.0P16091C-20 29072.dwg 29072.step
29074CAT50 x 1-1/4" I.D. - 4.72"1-1/4"1.81"2.09"4.72"2.28"M20 x 2.0P16091C-20 29074.dwg 29074.step
29076CAT50 x 1-1/4" I.D. - 6"1-1/4"1.81"2.09"6"2.28"M20 x 2.0P16091C-20 29076.dwg 29076.step
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