CAT40 ShrinkFIT Holders – CoolBLAST and CoolFLEX

  • CoolBLAST: 3 angled ports direct coolant onto tool

  • CoolFLEX: through spindle and DIN-B coolant enabled

  • Balanced 25,000 RPM at G2.5

  • Maximum T.I.R. only 0.0001"

Product Description

CoolBLAST Shrink Fit Holders have three coolant ports directing coolant to the cutting area to help evacuate chips from the cutting path. Coolant through ShrinkFIT holders are perfect for applications such as machining on horizontal machining centers for superior gripping power, eliminating runout error, tool deflection, and vibration.  Our high quality ShrinkFIT holders are manufactured to provide repeatable accuracy of less than 0.0001” runout to maximize tool life and performance. 

CoolBLAST and CoolFLEX
Part No.Descriptiond1d2d3l1l2stop screw threadcoolant stop screw2D3D
29004BCAT40 x 1/8" I.D. - 5" with CoolBLAST1/8".63".87"5".79"M8 x 1.25P16081C-2029004B.dwg 29004B.step
29008BCAT40 x 3/16" I.D. - 5" with CoolBLAST3/16".63".87"5".79"M6 x 1.0P16081C-20 29008B.dwg 29008B.step
29014BCAT40 x 1/4" I.D. - 6" with CoolBLAST1/4".71"1.40"6"1.42"M5 x 0.8P16080C-20 29014B.dwg 29014B.step
29018BCAT40 x 5/16" I.D. - 5" with CoolBLAST5/16".78"1.06"5"1.42"M6 x 1.0P16081C-20 29018B.dwg 29018B.step
29023BCAT40 x 3/8" I.D. - 5" with CoolBLAST3/8".94"1.26"5"1.53"M8 x 1.25P16082C-20 29023B.dwg 29023B.step
29029BCAT40 x 1/2" I.D. - 5" with CoolBLAST1/2"1.10"1.34"5"1.85"M10 x 1.5P16083C-20 29029B.dwg 29029B.step
29033BCAT40 x 5/8" I.D. - 5" with CoolBLAST5/8"1.06"1.34"5"1.97"M12 x 1.75P16085C-20 29033B.dwg 29033B.step
29036BCAT40 x 3/4" I.D. - 4" with CoolBLAST3/4"1.42"1.65"4"2.04"M16 x 2.0P16089C-20 29036B.dwg 29036B.step
29037BCAT40 x 3/4" I.D. - 5” with CoolBLAST3/4"1.42"1.65"5"2.04"M16 x 2.0P16089C-20 29037B.dwg 29037B.step
Part No.Descriptiond1d2d3l1l2stop screw threadcoolant stop screw2D3D
29011FCAT40 x 1/4" I.D. - 3.5" with CoolFLEX1/4".71"1.06"3.5"1.42"M5 x 0.8P16080C-20 29011F.dwg 29011F.step
29021FCAT40 x 3/8" I.D. - 3.75" with CoolFLEX3/8".94"1.26"3.75"1.53"M8 x 1.25P16082C-20 29021F.dwg 29021F.step
29027FCAT40 x 1/2" I.D. - 3.75" with CoolFLEX1/2"1.10"1.34"3.75"1.85"M10 x 1.5P16083C-20 29027F.dwg 29027F.step
29040FCAT40 x 1" I.D. - 3" with CoolFLEX1"1.81"2.04"3"2.28"M20 x 2.0P16091C-20 29040F.dwg 29040F.step
29042FCAT40 x 1" I.D. - 4" with CoolFLEX1"1.81"2.09"4"2.28"M20 x 2.0P16091C-20 29042F.dwg 29042F.step
29046FCAT40 x 1-1/4" I.D. - 4" with CoolFLEX1-1/4"1.81"2.09"4"2.28"M20 x 2.0P16091C-20 29046F.dwg 29046F.step
Part No.Descriptiond1d2d3l1I2stop screw threadcoolant stop screw2D3D
29002FBCAT40 x 1/8" I.D. - 3.5"1/8".63".87"3.5"-M6 x 1.0P16081C-20Coming SoonComing Soon
29006FBCAT40 x 3/16" I.D. - 3.5"3/16".63".87"3.5"-M8 x 1.25P16081C-20Coming SoonComing Soon
29011FBCAT40 x 1/4" I.D. - 3.5"1/4".71"1.06"3.5"1.42"M5 x 0.8P16080C-20Coming SoonComing Soon
29016FBCAT40 x 5/16" I.D. - 3.5"5/16".78"1.06"3.5"1.42"M6 x 1.0P16081C-20Coming SoonComing Soon
29021FBCAT40 x 3/8" I.D. - 3.75"3/8"94"1.26"3.75"1.53"M8 x 1.25P16082C-20Coming SoonComing Soon
29023FBCAT40 x 3/8" I.D. - 5"3/8".94"1.26"5"1.53"M8 x 1.25P16082C-20Coming SoonComing Soon
29027FBCAT40 x 1/2" I.D. - 3.75"1/2"1.10"1.34"3.75"1.85"M10 x 1.5P16083C-20Coming SoonComing Soon
29032FBCAT40 x 5/8" I.D. - 3.75"5/8"1.06"1.34"3.75"1.97"M12 x 1.75P16085C-20Coming SoonComing Soon
29036FBCAT40 x 3/4" I.D. - 4"3/4"1.42"1.65"4"2.04"M16 x 2.0P16089C-20Coming SoonComing Soon
29042FBCAT40 x 1" I.D. - 4"1"1.81" 2.09" 4"2.28"M20 x 2.0P16091C-20Coming SoonComing Soon
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