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CAT40 & CAT50 Triton Hydraulic Holders

  • Newly designed hydraulic system provides 3.5X clamping force of standard hydraulic chucks

  • Bore wall thickness increased 25% vs. standard hydraulic holders for improved rigidity in heavy stock removal applications

  • Excellent vibration damping properties enhances surface finishes and extends tool life

CAT40 Triton Hydraulic Holder
CAT50 Triton Hydraulic Holder

Product Description

The NEW Triton Chucks by Techniks harness the full power of hydraulic technology to provide unmatched holding power and accuracy!

Triton chucks are charged with hydraulic fluid in a vacuum chamber to eliminate air and gas from the system. Coupled with a redesigned oil sealing system, Triton chucks are built to provide maximum holding power for years!

Use reduction sleeves to hold any shank diameter. Our H-LOCKED reduction sleeves are manufactured with patented TTG-594 for unmatched holding power.

Part No.Description d1D1LL1L2Thread2D3D
254750CAT40 x 3/4" - 2.54" Triton Chuck3/4"1.94"2.54"1.79"1.89"M8x1.0 254750.dxf Coming Soon
354750CAT40 x 3/4" - 4" Triton Chuck3/4"1.94"4"3.25"1.89"M8x1.0 354750.dxf Coming Soon
254020CAT40 x 20mm - 64.5mm Triton Chuck20mm49.2mm64.5mm45.4mm48mmM8x1.0 254020.dxf Coming Soon
354020CAT40 x 20mm - 101.6mm Triton Chuck20mm49.2mm101.6mm82.6mm48mmM8x1.0 354020.dxf Coming Soon
Part No.Description d1D1LL1L2Thread2D3D
264750CAT40 x 3/4" - 2.54" Triton Chuck w/ DualDRIVE3/4"1.94"2.54"1.79"1.89"M8x1.0 264750.dxf Coming Soon
364750CAT40 x 3/4" - 4" Triton Chuck w/ DualDRIVE3/4"1.94"4"3.25"1.89"M8x1.0 364750.dxf Coming Soon
264020CAT40 x 20mm - 64.5mm Triton Chuck w/ DualDRIVE20mm49.2mm64.5mm45.4mm48mmM8x1.0 264020.dxf Coming Soon
364020CAT40 x 20mm - 101.6mm Triton Chuck w/ DualDRIVE20mm49.2mm101.6mm82.6mm48mmM8x1.0 364020.dxf Coming Soon
Part No.Description d1D1LL1L2Thread2D3D
255750CAT50 x 3/4" - 3.19" Triton Chuck3/4"1.94"3.19"2.44"1.89"M8x1.0 255750.dxf Coming Soon
255125CAT50 x 1-1/4" - 3.19" Triton Chuck1-1/4"2.84"3.19"2.44"2.24"M8x1.0 255125.dxf Coming Soon
355125CAT50 x 1-1/4" - 6" Triton Chuck1-1/4"2.84"6"5.25"2.24M8x1.0 355125.dxf 355125.step
255032CAT50 x 32mm - 81mm Triton Chuck32mm72mm81mm61.9mm48mmM8x1.0 255032.dxf Coming Soon
355032CAT50 x 32mm - 152.4mm Triton Chuck32mm72mm152.4mm133.4mm56.5mmM8x1.0 355032.dxf Coming Soon
SKU 254750 354750 254020 354020 264750 364750 264020 364020 255750 255125 355125 255032 355032 Category

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