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BT Milling Chucks

  • Grips shank up to 5x tighter than ER 40 collet chucks

  • Special slotted design of bore I.D. increases holding power and reduces vibration.

  • CoolBLAST coolant-thru standard on all milling chucks

Product Description

Techniks HSK Milling Chucks provide up to 5X the gripping force of other manufacturer’s ER40 holders to meet the most demanding, high material removal rate applications such as heavy milling of titanium or other high-temp alloys. The nut is designed to sit flush against the flange when properly tightened preventing damage to the bearing assembly from over-tightening. A machined bearing cage and high precision, individually matched needle bearings symmetrically placed provide smooth, reliable operation. All Techniks Milling Chucks are designed with CoolBLAST coolant grooves in the I.D. bore to direct coolant to the cutting area and assist with chip evacuation. Coolant discs can be used to seal around the tool shank for coolant-through cutting tools. Reduction sleeves can be used to hold almost any shank diameter.

Part No.Descriptionl1l2d1d22D3D
15994GBT40 X MLD 3/4" - 3.153.15"1.97"3/4"2.22" 15994G.dwg 15994G.step
15995GBT40 X MLD 1" - 3.153.15"2.07"1"2.36" 15995G.dwg 15995G.step
15996GBT40 x MLD 1-1/4" - 4"4"2.62"1-1/4"2.8" 15996G.dwg 15996G.step

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