BT40 EM Holders – Rigid Reach

  • H5 bore tolerance for improved concentricity and tool life

  • Taper ground to AT3 specification for maximum spindle contact

  • CoolBLAST and CoolFLEX coolant options

Product Description

BT40 Rigid Reach End Mill Holders are manufactured to meet or exceed the H5 specification. H5 is an extremely accurate bore I.D. and provides improved T.I.R. for extended cutting tool life. When machining in tight areas make sure to try our Rigid Reach End Mill holders. It’s tapered design  make its body more rigid, which is extremely important when milling at extended lengths. For dual contact spindles, Techniks DualDRIVE end mill holders provide increased rigidity and accuracy during heavy side loads. We also offer a wide range of CoolBLAST and CoolFLEX coolant options.

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Part No.Descriptionl1d1d2
17140-1/8-5.0-RRBT40 x SLN 1/8" - 5"5"1/8".78"
17140-3/16-4.72-RRBT40 x SLN 3/16" - 4.72"4.72"3/16".78"
17140-1/4-4.72-RRBT40 x SLN 1/4" - 4.72"4.72"1/4".78"
17140-3/8-4.72-RRBT40 x SLN 3/8" - 4.72"4.72"3/8"1"
17140-1/2-4.72-RRBT40 x SLN 1/2" - 4.72"4.72"1/2"1.38"
17140-3/4-6-RRBT40 x SLN 3/4" - 6"6"3/4"1.38"
SKU 17140-1/8-5.0-RR 17140-3/16-4.72-RR 17140-1/4-4.72-RR 17140-3/8-4.72-RR 17140-1/2-4.72-RR 17140-3/4-6-RR Categories , , Tags , , , ,

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