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Techniks – Toolholders for CNC Machining

Techniks Toolholders
Full-Line Overview
DualDRIVE vs Standard
Comparison Test
Power Coat Nut Demo
Advantages Explained
How To Check Runout
of Toolholders and Cutter
Slim-Fit Toolholders
For Tight Clearance
ER Coolant Disc System
Affordable Coolant Thru
CoolBLAST Directs
Coolant Into The Cut
Shrink-Fit Machine
Demo Engilish
Steel Sealed ER Coolant
Collets Inch and Metric
DualDRIVE Toolholders
How it Works
BohrSTAR Boring Kit
Range .31" to 6.69"
Shrink-Fit Machine
Demo Espanol
CoolFLEX Holders DIN B
or Coolant Thru Holders
DNA Collets for Small
Diameter Tools
Techniks Certified
Tooling Reduces T.I.R.
DualDRIVE Tests
- Aluminum
DualDRIVE Cutting Tests
- Stainless
DualDRIVE Cutting Tests
- Steel

Earth Chain – EZ Lift Material Handling Magnets

EZ-Lift Vertical Lifter
and Lifting Round Stock
EZ-Lift Magnets
Various Applications
EZ-Lift ELM 100

Earth Chain – Magnetic Workholding EEPM Electropermanent Chucks

EEPM Magnetic Chucks
Product Overview

EEPM Magnetic Chucks
Tombstone Operation

EEPM Magnetic Chucks
Various Workholding
EEPM Magnetic Chucks
Adjusting Power
EEPM Magnetic Chucks
Holding Warped Stock

EEPM Magnetic Chucks
Holding Thin Stock

EEPM Magnetic Chucks
Creating Part Nests
EEPM Magnetic Chucks
Part Setup & Operation
EEPM Magnetic Chucks
Machining 5 Sides & Thru

EEPM Magnetic Chucks
Holding Thin Stock
EEPM Magnetic Chucks
Setup for Small Parts

Earth Chain – Magnetic Workholding ECB Permanent Magnetic Vises

ECB Workholding Vises
Large Applications
ECB Long Part Setups
Connecting ON/OFF
ECB Milling Extra
Large Workpiece
ECB & ELM Lifters
Reduce Cycle Time
ECB Workholding Vises
Palletized Operation
ECB Holding Warped
Stock - Induction Blocks
ECB Loading Stock on a
Tombstone for Horizontal
ECB Holding Thin Parts
and Thru-Hole Drilling
ECB Ganged Setups
Machining 5-Sides
ECB Step Milling
and Ganged Setups
ECB Machining 5 sides
Milling & Thru-Hole Drilling
ECB Edge Milling
and Face Milling

sPINner Small Parts Deburring Machines

sPINner Deburring
Product Overview
sPINner Deburring
Close-up of pins in action
sPINner Setup and
Operation Demo

Techniks CNC Router Tooling – Aggregate Heads

Agg Heads Options,
Drill, Saw, Mortising
Aggregate Heads
Some Different Styles
Floating Aggregate Head
Chip Guide - Dust Control
Multi-Spindle Agg Head
Speeds Operations