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ER & TG Collet Chucks (click links to go to product pages)

ER Collet Chucks

About Our Collet Chucks
CAT 40 ER Holders
CAT ER Mini Nut Holders
CAT ER Super Rigid Holders
CAT 50 ER Holders

BT 30 holders

BT 30 ER Holders
BT 40 ER Holders
BT ER Mini Nut Holders
BT ER Super Rigid Holders
BT 50 ER Holders

HSK toolholders

HSKA, ER Holders
HSKE, ER Holders
HSKF,ER Holders
TG 75, TG 100 Holders

ER Straight Shanks

ER Straight Shank Holders
ER Collet Extensions
ER for CNC Lathe
ER Coolant Shanks
ER 11 Double-Ended
Stop Screws (setscrews)
ER Chuck Dimensions

End Mill Holders (click links to go to product pages)

End Mill Holders

About Our End Mill Holders
CAT 40 Stubby
CAT 40 Standard
CAT 40 Extended
CAT 40 Rigid Reach
CAT 40 Coolant Styles

End Mill Holders

CAT 50 Stubby
CAT 50 Standard
CAT 50 Extended
CAT 50 Rigid Reach

BT End MIll Holders

BT 30 Standard Lengths
BT 40 Standard Lengths
BT 40 Extended Lengths
BT 40 Coolant Style
BT 50 Standard

End Mill Lock Screws

Shrink-Fit Holders (click links to go to product pages)

CAT 40 shrink-fit

About Our Shrink-Fit Holders
CAT 40 Slim Line NEW!
CAT 40 Inch Size
CAT 40 Metric Size
CAT 40 Extended Length
CAT 40 Coolant Styles
CAT 50 Inch Size
CAT 50 Metric Size
CAT 50 Coolant Styles

HSK Shrink-Fit

HSK 63A Slim Line NEW!
HSK 63A Inch Size
HSK 63A Metric Size
HSK 63A Coolant Styles
HSK 100A
HSK 40E Slim Line NEW!
HSK 40E, HSK 50E

BT Shrink-Fit

BT 30, 40 Shrink-Fit
ISO 30 Shrink-Fit

Shrink-fit extensions

Shrink-Fit Extensions
Shrink Machines
Shrink-Fit Case Study
Shrink-Fit Video Demo

DualDRIVE, Slim-Fit, Drill Chucks, Tap Holders (click links to go to product pages)

DualDrive full contact holder

About Our DualDRIVE Holders
DualDRIVE Cutting Tests Video
DualDRIVE ER Chucks
DualDRIVE End Mill Holders
DualDRIVE Shell Arbors
DualDRIVE Shrink-Fit
DualDRIVE For Standard Spindles

Slim-Fit toolholders

Slim-Fit Features
CAT 40 Cat 50 Slim-Fit
BT 30 BT 40 Slim-Fit
HSK 63A Slim-Fit
Slim-Fit Extensions
Slim-Fit Collets

Techniks Drill Chucks

SPU Replaceable Drill Chuck
CAT Jacobs Taper Holders
BT Jacobs Taper Holders
Keyless Chucks Type S

Tap Holders

CAT Tension/Compression
CAT Rigid Tap Holder
HSK Tension/Compression
HSK Rigid Tap Holder
BT Tension/Compression
BT Rigid Tap Holder
Straight Shank Tension/Compression
Straight Shank Rigid Tap
ANSI Clutch Drive Collets
ANSI Rigid Tap Collets

Shell Mill Arbors, Milling Chucks, Hydros, Morse Taper, SIMIS, Tooling Packages (click links)

Techniks Shell Mill arbors

CAT Shell Mill Arbors
BT Shell Mill Arbors
HSK 63A Shell Mill Arbors
Shell Mill Arbor Screws

CAT Milling Chuck

CAT, BT, HSK Milling Chucks
CAT, HSK Heavy Duty
Milling Chuck Sleeves

Techniks hydraulic tool holders

CAT40, CAT50, Hydros
Inch O.D. Sleeves
Metric O.D. / Inch I.D.
Metric O.D. / Metric O.D.

Morse Taper

BT Morse Taper Holders
CAT Morse Taper Holders


SIMIS tool holders
SIMIS ER Collet Holders

SIMIS End Mill Holders

Tooling packages

CAT 40 12-Pack Promo
CAT 50 12-Pack Promo
CAT 40 Tooling Package
CAT 50 Tooling Package
BT 40 Tooling Package
ISO 20 Tooling Package
BohrSTAR Boring Kit

ER Collets, ER Tap Collets, Collet Nuts, TG, DA, DIN 6388 Collets (click links below)

ER collets

ER Inch Size Collets
ER Metric Size
DNA Ultra Accurate
DNA 11 Collets
DNA 16 Collets
DNA 20 Collets
DNA 32 Collets
ER Coolant Plug
ER Steel Sealed Coolant

ER floating tap collets

ER Floating Tap
ER Quick-Change
ER Rigid Tap

Power Coat nut

Power Coat ER Nuts
Power Coat ER Coolant Nuts
Power Coat High Speed Nuts
Bearing Nuts
ER Coolant Bearing Nuts
ER Coolant Rings
ER Mini Nuts
ER Coolant Mini Nuts
ER High Speed Mini Nuts

TG collets

TG 75 Collets
TG 100 Collets
TG 100 Coolant Collets
TG 150 Collets
TG Power Coat Nuts
SYOZ - DIN 6388 Collets & Nuts
Double Angle DA Collets

Retention Knobs, Wrenches, Setup Equipment (click links to go to product pages)

Retention Knobs

CAT Retention Knobs
BT Retention Knobs
BT Coolant Knobs
DIN 61798 A&B Knobs
Special Retention Knobs
CNC Router Knobs

hand wrenches

Hand Wrenches
Adjustable Torque Wrench
Torque Wrench Adapters

tightening fixtures

Tightening Fixtures
Spindle Wipers
Torque Chart
Pre-Set Screws
ER Chuck Dimensions

height gauges

Preset Gauges Analog & Touch Lamp
Digital Height Gauge & Fixture
Torque Chart

PinzBohr Boring Tools & BohrSTAR Boring Kit (click links to go to product pages)

Pinzbohr boring tools
Finish Heads 75 degree
Finish Heads 90 degree
Rough Heads 75 degree
Rough Heads 90 degree
Micro Boring Heads
Carbide & Steel Boring Bars

Boring head toolholders

CAT 40 Boring Tool Holders
CAT 50 Boring Tool Holders
BT 30, 40 Boring Tool Holders
BT 50 Boring Tool Holders
HSK A Boring Tool Holders
Weldon, R8 Boring Tool Holders

boring tools

Extensions, Coolant
Large Head Holders
Indexable Cartridges

BohrSTAR boring kit

BohrSTAR Boring Kit
Tool Selection Guide
Finish Head Parts
Large Finish Head Parts
Rough Head Parts
Large Rough Head Parts

CNC Router Tool Holders (click links to go to product pages)

CNC Router ER Chucks

HSK E Collet Chuck
HSK F Collet Chucks
ISO 20 and ISO 30, SK
BT 30 and BT 35
ER Straight Shank Ext
CMS Tool Holder

CNC Router Arbor Holders

ISO 30 Arbor Holders
HSK 63F Arbor Holders
BT30 Drill Chucks
Drill Adapters

CNC Router shrink-fit tooling

About Our Shrink-Fit
ISO 30
Shrink Fit Machines

sleeves for hydraulic toolholders

Sleeves for hydraulic holders
Inch O.D. - Inch I.D. Sleeves
Metric O.D. - Inch I.D. Sleeves
Metric O.D. - Metric I.D. Sleeves

CNC Router Collets, Nuts & Setup Equipment (click links to go to product pages)

CNC Router Collets

ER Inch Collets
ER Metric Collets
TG 75 Collets
TG 100 Collets
TG Power Coat Nuts
Shoda Collets and Nuts
Perske DIN 6388 Collets & Nuts
DNA Collets

Power Coat nuts

Power Coat ER Nuts
ER Bearing Nuts
ER High Speed Mini


spindle wipers

BT Pull Studs
Various Router Pull Studs
Special Order Pull Studs
Dust Seals (internal
Dust Covers (external)
Spindle Wipers

hand wrenches

Hand Wrenches
Torque Wrenches
Torque Wrench Adapters
Tightening Fixtures
Digital Height Gauge
Analog Axial Gauge

CNC Router Aggregate Heads (click links to go to product pages)

Duo aggregate head

Aggregate Heads Overview
About Our Hand-Built Quality
Ordering Custom Aggregate Heads
Free Collet Set With Any Aggregate
Our "Never Down" Guarantee


About Smart LIne (for smaller routers)
Smart Line Duo
Smart Line Vario
Smart Line Lock Recess
Custom Smart Line Aggregates

Floating Aggregate Head

About Function Line Aggregates
Function Line Mono
Function Line Duo
Function Line Quattro
Function Line Vario
Custom Smart Line Aggregates

Floating Aggregate Head

About Ultra Line Aggregates
Ultra Line Mono
Ultra Line Duo
Ultra Line Vario
Custom Ultra Line Aggregates

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