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BT30 ShrinkFIT Holders - DualDRIVE

  • DualDRIVE for dual contact spindles

  • Balanced 25,000 RPM at G2.5

  • Maximum T.I.R. only 0.0001"

Product Description

BT30 ShrinkFIT DualDRIVE Holders are designed to work with dual-contact spindles to provide superior rigidity under heavy side loads. Coolant through ShrinkFIT holders are perfect for applications such as machining on horizontal machining centers for superior gripping power, eliminating runout error, tool deflection, and vibration.  Our high quality ShrinkFIT holders are manufactured to provide repeatable accuracy of less than 0.0001” runout to maximize tool life and performance. 

Part No.Descriptiond1d2d3l1l2stop screw threadcoolant stop screw
25.651.54.300SBT30 x 1/4" I.D. - 3" DualDRIVE1/4".83"1.06"3"1.42"M8 x 1.25P16082C-20
25.651.56.300SBT30 x 3/8" I.D. - 3" DualDRIVE3/8".94"1.26"3"1.42"M8 x 1.25P16082C-20
25.651.58.300SBT30 x 1/2" I.D. - 3" DualDRIVE1/2".94"1.26"3"1.85"M10 x 1.5P16083C-20
25.651.61.300SBT30 x 5/8" I.D. - 3" DualDRIVE5/8"1.06"1.34"3"1.97"M12 x 1.75P16085C-20
25.651.64.300SBT30 x 3/4" I.D. - 3" DualDRIVE3/4"1.30"1.62"3"2.04"M16 x 2.0P16089C-20
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