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+1Axis Indexer Model # A100-15

+1AXIS with Dovetail Vise

  • Quickly and easily add another work axis to your machining (3+1, 4+1, 5+1)

  • Machine 5-sides of a part without removing the part from the vise

  • 4.375” base mounts on 4.5” tooling blocks and tombstones

  • Machined from aerospace quality 6061-T6 aluminum and clear anodized for corrosion resistance

  • Index angles in 15° increments (+/- 16 arc seconds)

  • Index Repeatability: +/- 10 arc seconds

Product Description

Our new +1Axis Indexer allows you to easily and economically add another axis to your machining. The +1Axis Indexer is adjustable in 15° increments and is compatible with the Techniks DV-075 Dovetail Vise, the 5th Axis D-22 Dovetail Fixture and the Raptor RWP-024 and RWP-024SS Dovetail Fixtures. Perform accurate 3+1 index machining on 3-axis machines for one workpiece or multiple positions across a fixture plate. On a 4-axis machine you can perform 4+1 axis machining in a single part setup or, if mounting multiple +1Axis Indexers on a rotary tooling block, you can perform 4+1 machining on several parts gaining access to 5 sides of the workpiece. Using the +1Axis indexer on a 5-axis machine allows access to workpiece faces that are unreachable on common pyramid riser block setups.

Vise Compatibility: Techniks DV-075 Dovetail Vice
5th Axis D-22 Large Dovetail Fixture
Raptor RWP-024 and RWP-024SS Dovetail Fixtures

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