BohrSTAR Boring Kits

BohrSTAR kits are designed for maximum performance and ease-of-use. At the heart of each kit is our 54mm Techniks modular boring head, and each kit comes fully stocked with a variety of tools to meet your specific boring needs.


  • Boring range up to 8.27"
  • Dial adjustable 0.0001" increments
  • Includes everything you need
    (Toolholders sold separately)

Find your toolholders for CAT, BT, HSK, Weldon, and R8 spindles

12 Piece Kit
BohrSTAR 43 Kit
Rhombic Insert Kit
Part #: 6991210
Triangular Insert Kit
Part #: 6991215

17 Piece Kit
BohrSTAR 100 Kit
Rhombic Insert Kit
Part #: 6991220
Triangular Insert Kit
Part #: 6991235

23 Piece Kit

BohrSTAR 170 Kit
Rhombic Insert Kit
Part #: 6991230
Triangular Insert Kit
Part #: 6991250

24 Piece Kit
BohrSTAR 210 Kit
Rhombic Insert Kit
Part #: 6991245
Triangular Insert Kit
Part #: 6991240