Techniks Cutting Tools

Face Mills
90° ShrinkFIT
45° ShrinkFIT
High-Feed ShrinkFIT
90° Face Mills
45° Face Mills
High-Feed Face Mills
High-Feed Positive Face Mills
Cast Iron Face Mills

End Mills
PowerLOC End Mills
PowerLOC High-Feed
PowerLOC ToolHolders
Indexable End Mills
High-Feed End Mills
Positive High-Feed
Indexable Drills

Turning/Boring Tools
Negative Turning Tools
Negative Boring Bars
Positive Turning Tools
Positive Boring Bars

Milling Inserts
Turning/Boring Inserts

Watch our featured High-Feed milling tools in action!

Perfect for facing, plunging, ramping, and pocket milling. Combined with our
ALL-Material inserts, our high-feed tooling achieves higher feed rates in steel, stainless steel, high-temp alloys, and even aluminum.

Watch Techniks ALL-Material inserts cut ALL Materials!

Techniks simplifies the insert game.
Techniks inserts are made to perform in ALL materials.

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