About SlimFIT System

CAT 40 Slim-Fit long tool holder

SlimFIT toolholders feature an internal drawbar design that holds tighter than ER collet holders. To tighten the drawbar, use the provided Torx wrench which fits through a large hole coolant style retention knob. SBL6 holders for cutting tool shanks 5/32 " to 1/4"


  • Great accuracy at extended lengths
  • Balanced to 25,000 RPM at G2.5
  • Narrow nose for excellent clearance

Why SlimFIT Collets hold tighter

Slim-Fit collets hold tighter than ER collets

Slim-Fit collets are longer and the angle is flatter, so holding power is greater on the tool shank, which improves accuracy and extends cutting tool life.

How a SlimFIT toolholder works

Torx Wrench Drawbar Slim-Fit 20 Collets Extensions Slim-Fit 6 Collets
Actuates drawbar thru the pull stud for fast tool changes. Holds collet or extension more tightly and more accurately than ER chucks. Collets provide good rigidity, and the nut-less design allows a small nose for better clearance and is better balanced too. Additional reach when you need it and the nose O.D. of only .56" is great for tight clearance applications. Same powerful drawbar holding power for improved accuracy and tool life.