About MicroFLOAT Taps

Techniks Microfloat Tap Chuck

Teckniks’ MicroFLOAT Quick-Change Tap Holders feature tension/compression float technology optimized specifically for rigid tapping, greatly improving overall tap performance.

Longer Tap Life Saves Time & Money

During the tapping cycle, the load on the tap peaks as the spindle reverses direction, a common cause of tap breakage.

MicroFLOAT Tap System greatly reduces this load, stabilizing the tap throughout its cycle, increasing tap life up to 295%.

Microfloat tap life 250% more than standard taps


  • Increases tap life 295%
  • Improves thread quality
  • Reduces scrap rates
  • Great for high pressure coolant applications

Microfloat tap life 250% more than standard taps
Number of tapped holes before breakage
• MicroFLOAT tapping system: 451
• Standard rigid tapping system: 114

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