High Performance End Mill Holders

End Mill Holders

What to Look For

  • I.D. hole tolerance is H5
    (best in industry)

  • Balanced to 10,000 RPM to save spindle bearing life

  • Taper ground to AT3 for maximum spindle contact

  • Each holder lab certified for dimensional accuracy

Learn to check T.I.R. (runout)

You lose 10% of tool life
for every .0001" T.I.R. (runout)

Visit our toolholder guide for more information

Choosing the right holder for the job is key to your success

Endmill Holder Advantages

    • Wide variety of sizes to choose from

    • Accurate - manufactured to H5 precision

    • Good rigidity of cutting tool & holder assembly

    • Economical (no collets or nuts)

    Techniks bore tolerance is to H5 standards
    to extend cutting tool life up to 60%!

end mill holders diagram

Others T.I.R. 0.0008" – TECHNIKS T.I.R. 0.0001"

Gain 10% tool life for every 0.0001" improvement in T.I.R

The chart below shows the difference between manufacturers. To ensure proper fit the toolholder bore always has a minimum and maximum size (tolerance) for each shank size (bore I.D.)

Tool Shank
H5 Accuracy

Endmill Holder Maintenance

  • Keep bore, taper, spindle taper, and shanks clean. Dirt causes runout

  • Check T.I.R. periodically for wear

  • Replace holder if bellmouthing or excessive fretting is evident

  • Replace worn retention knobs to prevent toolholder from flying out of spindle during operation