Benchtop Tightening Fixtures


TSHG Tightening Fixtures

height gauge presetter stand

For maximum safety tighten collet nuts and pull studs to proper torque. Click HERE for our Torque Chart


TSHG tightening stands work great with CAT, BT, HSK, and ISO spindles. They mount right on your bench and provide easy access to pull studs from underneath.

Part No. Description
TSHG1-40-CT CAT 40 Taper
TSHG1-40-BT BT 40 Taper
TSHG1-30-41 BT 30 Taper, 41mm flats
TSHG1-63F-36 HSK 63F, 36mm flats
TSHG1-63F-38 HSK 63F, 38mm flats
TSHG1-63F-46 HSK 63F, 46mm flats
TSHG1-30-36 ISO 30 Taper, 36mm flats
TSHG1-30-38 ISO 30 Taper, 38mm flats
TSHG1-30-47 ISO 30 Taper, 47mm flats