DNA Collets = Dead Nuts Accurate

DNA Collets are the best way to hold tools 6mm and smaller!

For consistent T.I.R. 0.0002" or better and improved tool life use DNA collets and nuts.


  • Extend carbide tool life & reduce costs

  • High rigidity & high holding power

  • Best for 6mm or smaller tools

  • Use with standard ER collet chucks

  • .0002" T.I.R. or better!

DNA collets are dead nuts accurate

Why should I choose DNA collets?

Poor tool life and poor cutting performance when using 6mm and smaller carbide tools is often a problem. This occurs because ER collets 6mm and smaller fail to provide consistent T.I.R. and high rigidity. This increases tool wear and drives up cost.

Use DNA collets for consistent T.I.R. and to extend tool life on all diameters under 6mm. DNA collets provide more shank support deeper into the pocket and greater rigidity than small diameter ER collet nuts.

DNA collets fit standard ER pockets

DNA collet (left) works with your standard ER tool holders.
ER collets 6mm and smaller allow 40% of the collet to extend out of the collet pocket. This means 40% of the jaws surface area does not properly collapse on the tool shank because they are unsupported by the walls of the pocket.

DNA collets hold shanks tighter

DNA collets put more metal on the tool shank!
Small size ER collets have a large counter-bore in the I.D. at the bottom, (see illustration) that greatly reduces the amount of metal holding the shank of the tool. DNA collets have twice as much metal gripping the tool shank “in the pocket” where maximum holding power is generated as the collet nut is tightened.