Techniks Collet Chuck Advantages

For every 0.0001" improvement T.I.R. - You gain 10% tool life!

Choosing the right holder for the job is key to success

Techniks ER collet chuck extends cutting tool life


What to look for in a collet chuck:

1. Collet nut with the most holding power.

2. Precision ground collet - 0.0002" T.I.R.

3. Runout from taper to collet pocket of .0001"

4. Tool holder taper ground to AT3 or better

5. Precision balanced toolholder with lab report documenting T.I.R., balance, and taper spec's.

Collet Chuck Advantages:

  • One holder fits a wide range of tool shanks by simply changing collets
  • Accurate (when maintained to specifications)
  • Fast and easy tool changes

Collet Chuck Disadvantages:

  • Low rigidity compared to shrink-fit or hydraulic holders. Can deflect while cutting, causing poor T.I.R.
  • Collets are made from soft metal and do wear out
  • Nuts and tool holders require replacement when wear prevents accurate cutting

Collet Chuck Maintenance:

  • Keep collets, collet pockets, toolholder taper, spindle, and nuts clean. Dirt causes premature wear.
  • Check collets for wear including bell-mouthing, cracks, or a scored bore from tool slippage.
  • Replace with ultra-precision collets to gain 20% tool life.
  • Use "Power Coat" nuts to improve T.I.R. and holding power.
  • Always tighten collet nuts and pull studs to recommended spec's using a torque wrench.

Techniks BT collet chuck for CNC machines

Power Coat nut holds tighter

Why Techniks tool holders extend cutting tool life!

  • Every collet chuck comes with our exclusive "Power Coat" nut that holds up to 75% tighter than standard nuts. (see chart below)
    Greater holding power improves T.I.R., rigidity, and reduces tool slippage to improve safety in the shop.

  • T.I.R. measured from our taper O.D. to the collet pocket I.D. is only .0001". Other holders average 0.0002".
    Every .0001" improvement in T.I.R. improves tool life by a minimum of 10%.

  • All our collet chucks are individually lab tested and come with a full lab report documenting T.I.R., balance, taper, etc.

  • Our standard ER collets feature T.I.R. of only 0.0002" (our competitors average 0.0004".
    Every .0001" improvement in T.I.R. improves tool life by a minimum of 10%.

  • Each holder is factory balanced to 25,000 RPM @ G2.5. Great balance reduces vibration at all RPM's - saving tool life, spindle bearings, and improving surface finish.

  • Each taper is precision ground to a tolerance of AT3 or better. A high-precision taper improves contact with the spindle and reduces wear on spindle and toolholder (fretting).

  • All our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!