DualDRIVE Toolholders

DualDRIVE ER Collet Chucks

DualDRIVE End Mill Holders

DualDRIVE  Shrink-Fit tooling for full contact machining

DualDRIVE Shrink-Fit Holders

DualDRIVE Shell Mill Arbors for full-contact machining

DualDRIVE Shell Mill Arbors


  • Techniks Certified for dual contact spindles
  • High precision bore for less chatter and better tool life
  • Taper ground to AT3 tolerance for maximum spindle contact


  • Better rigidity and reduced vibration
  • Improved performance at high metal removal rates and when machining at extended lengths

Dual-Contact Spindles

Dual-Contact is a spindle option offered by machine tool builders.

Dual-Contact means both the toolholder taper and the flange make contact with the spindle.

The dual-contact provides increased rigidity & accuracy during machining.