February 20, 2006

MagVISE Magnetic Workholding Blocks
(for easier setup AND machining 5-sides)

MagVISE is the best thing to happen in workholding since the invention of the vise! Each MagVISE block uses a powerful, permanent, (rare earth) magnet to securely hold workpieces WITHOUT manual fixturing or vise set-ups. MagVISE uses no electricity, is maintenance free, and will NEVER wear out. See a video of the MagVISE in action at: www.earth-chainusa.com

Each MagVISE block is rated up to 4,620 lbs. of holding power, with a 3.5X safety factor, for over 16,000 lbs. of magnetic force. MagVISE blocks can be ganged together to easily create custom
workholding solutions fast. The MagVISE is activated with a simple turn of a wrench.


  • Powerful workholding without all the fuss
  • Machine 5-sides AND right through the workpiece!
  • Faster setup than vises or fixtures
  • Machinable soft jaws for nesting smaller workpieces
  • Magnetic holding eliminates workpiece distortion


  • Significantly reduce setup times and increase productivity!
  • Eliminate need for custom workholding fixtures!
  • Machine difficult jobs without complicated setups!
  • Accept work you used to turn down!
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