sPINner Separators & Deburring Media

Vibratory Parts & Media Separator

• Quickly separates parts from media
• Speeds production

Part No. L x W x H Power Weight
ESS-660 18" x 18" x 26" 110/220VAC 97 lbs.


Get deburring help now!

High-Capacity Parts & Media Separator

• Magnetic attraction separates parts from media FAST!
• Handles large batches of parts easily
Part No. L x W x H Container L x W x H Power Weight
HD-712 28" x 21" x 26" 26" x 17.75" x 9.5" 110/220VAC 5A 163 lbs.

sPINner Stainless Steel Pin Media

sPINner stainless pin media lasts for years.
Our special stainless steel media is the reason the sPINner can deburr where other media is ineffective. Each SUS 304 stainless steel pin is hardened to HRC 30 and features a magnetic treatment to enhance deburring action.
      To deburr hard materials like stainless steel, steel, etc., use a diameter of media bigger than 0.5mm. Use sizes less than 0.5mm for soft material like brass, copper, aluminum, gold, etc. If you want to deburr small holes, choose a diameter of pin media that is smaller than the hole. 3mm length media will work better for small holes and crevices. Choose larger pins for harder material or to increase the deburring action on stubborn burrs.
Part No. diameter x length
EHD-S1 0.2mm x 5mm
EHD-P1 0.3mm x 3mm
EHD-S2 0.3mm x 5mm
EHD-S13 0.3mm x 7mm
EHD-P2 0.4mm x 3mm
EHD-S3 0.4mm x 5mm
EHD-P3 0.5mm x 1mm
EHD-P4 0.5mm x 3mm
EHD-S4 0.5mm x 5mm
EHD-P5 0.7mm x 3mm
EHD-S5 0.7mm x 5mm
EHD-P6 0.8mm x 3mm
EHD-S6 0.8mm x 5mm
Part No. diameter x length
EHD-P7 1.0mm x 1mm
EHD-P8 1.0mm x 3mm
EHD-S7 1.0mm x 5mm
EHD-A1 1.0mm x 7mm
EHD-P41 1.0mm x 10mm
EHD-P10 1.2mm x 3mm
EHD-S8 1.2mm x 5mm
EHD-P42 1.2mm x 10mm
EHD-P9 1.5mm x 3mm
EHD-S9 1.5mm x 5mm
EHD-A3 1.5mm x 7mm
EHD-P43 1.5mm x 10mm
EHD-S10 2.0mm x 5mm

PFS-747 Deburring Solution

It is important to use the proper mix of deburring solution to facilitate part deburring and cleaning parts. Use PFS-747 with all sizes of sPINner media. Dilute to a 50:1 ratio with water.

Part No. Description
PFS-747 1/2 gallon deburring solution
PFS-7475G 5 gallons deburring solution


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