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We will deburr your parts & provide a full test report, or provide a quote.

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Aluminum Gear Application

Burrs and rough edges. Deburred part in only 10 minutes.
Part Dimensions 1-9/16" diameter X 5/13" high.

Complex Turned & Machined Aluminum

Burrs on O.D. & in I.D. slots. Batch deburring in only 10 mins!
Part Dimensions: 3/16" diameter X 1-3/16" long.

Stainless Steel Turned and Machined Part

Internal cavity burrs left in cross-drilled holes
Eliminated costly hand deburring and improved quality.
Part Dimensions: 3/4" diameter x 1-7/16" long.

0.01" Diameter Slot in Light Alloy Collar

Fine burrs in hard-to-reach slotted area.
Eliminated part quality problem and saved labor costs.
Part Dimensions: 1-7/32" diameter x 1/8" high.

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