Magnetic Workholding Features


Magnetic workholding simplifies setups
and increases flexibility

Is magnetic workholding right for me?

Magnetic workholding has a long and successful history in surface grinding applications. New advances in magnet technology have made magnetic workholding fast and effective for milling and machining applications too.

If reduced setup times and flexible workholding solutions are important to you, then you should consider magnetic workholding. The MagVISE lineup includes permanent and electro-permanent magnetic work holding solutions designed to handle a wide variety of work pieces.

What is magnetic workholding best suited for?

MagVISE magnetic workholding securely holds ferrous materials (iron and steel) for all general drilling, milling, boring and other types of machining operations. Warped, round, rough, or irregular work pieces can be quickly secured using magnetic work holding without tricky setups.

The MagVISE system is so flexible, you can even magnetically clamp a traditional vise to your machine bed, then use the vise to hold non-ferrous material–and still reduce set-up time over traditional toe-clamp systems.

What are electro-permanent magnets?

Electro-permanent magnets use a controller that electronically turns the magnet on and off. Electricity is only used to turn the magnet on and off, so a continuous supply of electricity is NOT needed. Magnetic holding power is maintained in the event of a power outage, so electro-permanent magnets are just as safe as permanent (non-electric) ones. Electro permanent magnets feature increased holding power and reduced size compared to permanent magnets.

Permanent work holding magnets are mechanically lever activated.

Magnetic Workholding for CNC Machines

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MagVISE ECB Blocks

Permanent modular work holding system

electro permanent


workholding magnet


SuperPower Pole
workholding magnet


Magnetic Workholding for Surface Grinding

MagVISE Permanent magnetic chucks

electro permanent workholding systems

MagVISE Electro-permanent magnetic chucks and controllers

Induction Blocks

magnetic workholding systems

Magnetic V-Blocks



Magnetic Workholding

  • machine 5-sides easily
  • no workpiece distortion
  • better accuracy and repeatability
  • use on pallet or bed

magnetic workholding
Use MagVISE ECB blocks side-by-side or end-to-end to create workholding for almost any size workpiece..

electro permanent
MagVISE ECB are ideal for creating
multiple work piece setups fast.

workholding systems
MagVISE EEPM Chuck using a fixed support to machine round stock.

magnetic workholding systems
MagVISE EEPM Chuck using spring-blocks and fixed support to machine a piece of warped stock.

electro permanent workholding systems
MagVISE EEPM Chuck using a fixed support and bottom roller to face mill a piece of rough bar stock.