ECE-507, 510, Magnetic Workholding V–Block Sets

Machinists love these high-powered V-Blocks for fast workholding setups.
They are precisely ground, and useful for a variety of jobs. Sold in pairs.
Use for grinding, marking, measuring and other light machining operations.

For more powerful magnetic workholding see our MagVISE Blocks and EEPM Electropermanent workholding solutions.

Model Holding Power Applicable Diameter Dimensions mm Weight
ECE-507 33 lbs. 50 40 72 50 2.2 lbs x 2
ECE-510 44 lbs. 80 50 10

80 6.6 lbs x 2




  1. Both pieces are finished to
    identical dimensions
  2. Choose from smaller (ECE-507)
    or larger capacity (ECE 510)
  3. ON/OFF switch for fast workholding set-ups and tear-downs