EZ-Lift "Rare Earth" Lifting Magnets


Lifting magnets make material lifting safer and faster!

magnetic lifters

Click on the photo above to watch a short movie of the EZ-Lift lifting magnets in material lifting action.

Use the EZ-LIFT magnetic lifters to move plate steel, block or round steel, and iron material in your shop. Super-powerful "rare earth" neodymium iron boron magnet requires no electricity to perform material lifting. It’s perfect for loading or unloading most workpieces including press molds, plastic molds, machined parts, etc.

  • Lifting Magnets rated for loads up to 6,600 lbs.
  • "Rare Earth" lifting magnets tested to hold 3.5 TIMES
    the rated load for maximum safety.
  • Eliminates dangerous straps and slings.
  • Fast, safe & efficient material lifting, loading, and unloading.

EZ-Lift Lifting Magnet Operation

First center the lifting magnet on the material. Then, simply move the lever to the “ON” position to engage the lifting magnet.

Maximum rated load for magnetic lifting plate steel

Model Material Maximum Rated Load*
ELM-100 plate steel 220 lbs.
ELM-300 plate steel 660 lbs.
ELM-600 plate steel 1,320 lbs.
ELM-1000 plate steel 2,200 lbs.
ELM-2000 plate steel 4,400 lbs.
ELM-3000 plate steel 6,600 lbs.

*Note: Material type and surface finish affect magnetic lifting power. See calculating maximum loads.

Maximum rated load for magnetic lifting round steel

Model Material Maximum Rated Load*
ELM-100 round steel 99 lbs.
ELM-300 round steel 300 lbs.
ELM-600 round steel 600 lbs.
ELM-1000 round steel 990 lbs.
ELM-2000 round steel 1,980 lbs.
ELM-3000 round steel 2,970 lbs.

*Note: Material type and surface finish affect magnetic lifting power. See calculating maximum loads.

Calculating Maximum Loads

Click this link for information about calculating maximum loads.

Dimensions (inches)

ELM-100 4.2" 3.3" 4.7" 4.9" 2.4" 2.8" 1.6" 1.2" 5.5 lbs.
ELM-300 7.1" 6.1" 6.1" 7.3" 3.6" 3.7" 2.0" 1.6" 18.9 lbs.
ELM-600 10.0" 8.8" 8.3" 10.2" 4.5" 4.7" 3.0" 2.0" 46 lbs.
ELM-1000 11.0" 9.6" 11.3" 14.6" 6.5" 6.7" 3.8" 3.4" 101 lbs.
ELM-2000 16.6" 15.0" 13.7" 20.2" 8.5" 8.5" 4.1" 4.8" 259 lbs.
ELM-3000 22.3" 20.9" 15.7" 28.7" 8.5" 8.7" 5.8" 3.1" 399 lbs.




lifting magnets
Neodymium iron boron lifting magnet

Safety First: The only lifting magnets with a SAFETY FACTOR of 3.5 times rated load! Safety lock prevents accidental release.

material lifting round steel
Neodymium iron boron most powerful lifting magnet even lifts round steel!

lifting magnets in action
Maintenance free lifting magnets never wear out and are faster and safer to use than slings and straps.

magnetic lifting magnets
Lifting magnet Lever in “OFF” position.

magnetic lifters
Lever in the “ON” position. Note the safety lock is engaged on the lifting magnet.

lifting magnets diagram