MagVISE Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider magnetic workholding?

Compared to traditional fixturing methods, magnetic workholding frees up all five sides of your workpiece so you can machine the entire profile of the part in one set-up. Magnetic workholding greatly reduces set up and part change-over time, giving your spindle more time to make chips.

How long does magnetic workholding take to pay for itself?

Magnetic chucks pay for themselves very quickly because machine up-time and production output are increased. Every case is unique, but in most cases payoff occurs in just a few months.

How does magnetic workholding simplify setups?

Once you have your part(s) indicated on the magnet, change-over only requires turning the magnet on/off to remove and load the parts.

What is magnetic workholding best suited for?

Thick or thin, large or small – just about any ferrous material can be held and machined magnetically. Bigger parts are easier to hold because there is more metal for the magnetism to be attracted to. For smaller parts, using work stops and nesting the part are options that work well. Magnetic workholding is used for just about any type of drilling, milling, and boring operation you can think of, on horizontal or vertical CNC machines.

How do I know magnetic workholding will work for me?

No matter what size parts you cut, we can verify your application on our “test bed” CNC so we can offer you a turn-key workholding solution. We will duplicate your application using magnetic workholding and machine your part to verify the process and document the time savings. All at no risk to you.

Should I get magnetic chucks or magnetic vises?

Magnetic vises have a smaller foot print, and are turned ON/OFF using a manual switch. Magnetic chucks require a controller to turn ON/OFF, but DO NOT require electrical connection to maintain holding power. Magnetic chucks provide more surface contact with the workpiece and feature a greater number of magnetic poles, so they can produce more holding power than magnetic vises. During a power outage magnetic chucks will not lose holding power, so they are just as safe to use as magnetic vises.

For more information you can call us at (800) 597-3921 or (317) 803-8000. Our team has been doing magnetic workholding installations for over 10 years, and in just a few minutes we can probably tell you everything you need to know.