• Up to 86,625 lbs. holding power*
  • Turn chuck ON/OFF in only a few seconds – chuck will not lose magnetism if a power loss occurs
  • Induction blocks and subplates provide additional setup options for holding small parts or warped stock


  • Machine freely on 5-sides & top so you can cut the full part profile in only 1 operation
  • Reduce setup & part change-over time by 50% or more!
  • Very uniform holding = No workpiece deformation

*26 sizes available. See the EEPM Products Page for holding power ratings.
For workholding of ferrous materials only.

Use magnetic workholding to speed up drilling, milling, and boring operations on either thick or thin workpieces. Magnetic chucks make setup and part change-over faster and safer, and reduce the number of required operations.

Our magnetic chucks easily integrate with pallet changing and tombstone systems used in production cells. Choose magnetic workholding for uniform holding of the workpiece, without part distortion or dead spots. Uniform workholding reduces chatter and harmonics for improved surface finish and tool life.

Application Examples - View application photos.

Holding Power Example

EEPM 3040W chuck (left) has 20 poles, and produces 16,500 ft/lbs of holding power.

In the ON state, alnico and rare-earth magnets alternate poles, creating a powerful magnetic attraction. Holding power varies with type of material being held, surface finish, and part thickness.

Minimum recommended part size is 5" x 5" x 3/8" thick, so a minimum of 4 magnetic poles are covered by the part. Workstops, pins or part nesting techniques ensure the ability to hold small, thin parts without movement.

Induction Blocks & Subplates

We recommend using induction blocks or subplates at all times to preserve the precison ground finish and prevent damage to the face of the magnetic chuck. Get more information on Induction Blocks & Subplates.

View an EEPM workholding application video.