MagVISE Induction Blocks & Subplates for EEPM

Induction Blocks & Subplates

We recommend using induction blocks or subplates at all times to preserve the precison ground finish and prevent damage to the face of the magnetic chuck. Shop all subplates.

Individual Induction Blocks

Use induction blocks to raise the workpiece above the surface of the magnet and permit machining 5 sides and thru-hole drilling. Individual induction blocks provide maximum flexibility for creating custom setups for holding difficult workpieces and warped stock.

Part No. Description L W H
EEPM-SP spring loaded (2 piece set, 8mm screw) 1.89" 1.89" 1.41"
EEPM-SPF solid, machinable (8mm screw) 1.97" 1.97" 1.23"

Connected Induction Blocks

Makes setups faster and easier when large numbers of induction blocks are required. Choose from 2, 3, 4, or 6 pole configurations.

Part No. Desc. L W H
EEPM-IB225 2-pole block 4" 1.97" .98"
EEPM-IB325 3-pole block 6" 1.97" .98"
EEPM-IB425 4-pole block 8" 1.97" .98"
EEPM-IB625 6-pole block 12" 1.97" .98"

Angled Induction Blocks & Workstop

Part No. Description
EEPM-IBT30 30° 4-pole ind. block
EEPM-IBT45 45° 4-pole ind. block
EEPM-IBT60 60° 4-pole ind. block
EEPM-IBT90 90° 4-pole ind. block
EEPM-PS40 round workstop (replacement)
Setup Examples

Machining All 5 Sides Freely

For full machining on all 5-sides (including thru-hole drilling or boring) induction blocks or subplates are required or damage to the magnetic chuck may occur.

Holding Warped Material

Use EEPM-SPF induction blocks on the corners and EEPM-SP spring loaded blocks everywhere else so the induction blocks adjust to match the warped stock.

Part Nesting Techniques

For machining small, thin, or irregular parts that do not have much metal to attract the magnet, you can create a shallow nest, or pocket in a subplate or induction blocks to secure the part and prevent lateral movement. For part nests that you will use over-and-over again on repeat jobs use subplates to save setup time.