Mold Clamping Magnets

Magnetic mold clamping saves time & money over other clamping methods.

Mold Clamping Magnets are quickly replacing traditional mold clamping methods world-wide. The investment in switching to magentic clamping is quickly repaid by faster mold setup and change-over times. They require less room in the machine cube, increasing machine capacity by an average of 20%.

In addition to slashing setup times, magnetic clamping provides uniform holding power over the workpiece, eliminating deformation of the mold for improved quality.


  • Position and clamp in just minutes!
  • Proximity sensors ensure position
  • Dual controls lock-out machine
    during operation for safety


  • Save 60% setup & change-over time
  • Increase machine capacity 20%
  • Greatly increase your productivity
    just by changing clamping method

Model Face (L x W x H) Max Temp (F) Holding Power Pole Size (mm) Power Supply
EEPM-1200PIM 59" x 59" x 2.75" 248° 185,188 lbs. 92 x 92 35A, 480V single phase
EEPM-950PIM 57" x 41.3" x 2.75" 248° 148,150 lbs. 92 x 92 30A, 480V single phase
EEPM-400PIM 41.3" x 25.6" x 2.75" 248° 52,910 lbs. 92 x 92 40A, 480V single phase