MagVISE EEPM-C Modular Chucks

Modular setups adjust easily

Circular applications are no problem!

We recommend using induction blocks or subplates at all times to preserve the precison ground finish and prevent damage to the face of the magnetic chuck.


  • Modular connection from 2 to 16 chucks as needed
  • Operate as many as 16 chucks with 1 control
  • 8,250 lbs. holding power (each chuck)*


  • Easy to set up and adjust for large or irregular parts
  • Reduced investment compared to larger EEPM chucks
  • Easy to move and set up from machine to machine

EEPM-C chucks provide almost unlimited flexibility to hold workpieces of varying sizes. Use toe-clamps or bolts to position EEPM-C magnets anywhere on your machine bed or pallet to fit your workpiece.

Chuck L W L1 S1 S2 Poles Holding Power*
EEPM-2530C 16.75" 9.84" 12.25" 11.0" 8.66" 12 8,250 lbs.
*Holding power varies with type of material being held, surface finish, and part thickness.

Control requires a dedicated 480V single phase, 30A power supply.

C4 control features 4 channels to control up to 16 chucks. Control each channel independently.

Control Description L x W x H Channels Qty. Chucks
EEPM-C1C Control for 1-4 EEPM-C
magnetic chucks
10.6" x 7" x 5" 1 1-4
EEPM-C2C Control for 1-8 EEPM-C
magnetic chucks
10.6" x 7" x 5" 2 1-8
EEPM-C4C Control for 1-16 EEPM-C magnetic chucks 10.6" x 7" x 5" 4 1-16

Connection Cables Length
EEPM-CC03 11.8"
EEPM-CC05 19.6"
EEPM-CC10 39.37"
EEPM-CC15 59"

Installation Example

1 control operates up to 16 chucks

Position the chucks on the machine bed.

Lock them in position using bolts provided.

Connect the cables to chucks and control.

Position workpiece and start machining.