MagVISE EEPM-CIR Vertical Turning & 5-Axis

For workholding of ferrous materials only. 9 sizes to choose from.
Custom sizes available. Includes controller and remote.
  • Reduce setup & part change-over time by 50% or more!
  • Machine freely on all 5 sides to reduce operations
  • Very uniform holding = No workpiece deformation

EEPM-CIR chucks are a powerful and fast workholding solution optimized for horizontal or vertical turning centers and 5-axis machining. Using magnetic workholding you can clamp/unclamp the part in only seconds. Reduce setup down-time to increase machine up-time.
Control is included with chuck


Machine induction blocks
for easy part positioning

Use with EEPM-SP blocks
to hold warped stock

Speed up setups for 5-axis tables

3, 4, and 5-axis applications

2-sided on palletized system

Off-axis rotation on horizontal mill

Holds very small or very large parts

Custom chucks available
to suit your machine

Hold complex parts without
complicated setups!

MagVISE EEPM-CIR for Vertical Turning EEPM-CIR Products