MagVISE ECB Workholding Vises


  • Powerful rare-earth magnets for up to 4,620 lbs. holding power (per vise)
  • Gang multiple vises together and increase holding power as needed
  • Quickly and easily adjust size of setup and number of chucks as needed


  • Reduce setup and change-over down time by 50%
  • Freely machine on all 5-sides to reduce number of operations
  • No workpiece deformation

For workholding of ferrous materials only. Each ECB vise includes everything required to setup and begin workholding. Each ECB includes 2 machinable induction blocks, wrench, extension and socket, switch-connect socket assembly, 2 stop plates, and 4 toe clamps.

ECB Magnetic Vises provide fast, efficient workholding for all types of CNC machining applications. They are easy to install or move from machine to machine, and making changes to existing setups is fast.

Machine freely on 5 sides using induction blocks

Switch-connect to turn ON/OFF multiple vises

Position ECB vises just where you need them

Vertical turning setups are faster with ECB vises

Cut complex part shapes O.D. and I.D.

Hold large and small parts of all shapes