High-Performance Aggregate Heads


Our aggregates outperform the competition. We guarantee it.

We can say this because our aggregate heads are designed by experienced engineers, who knew the weak points of the existing aggregate designs and corrected them. Only the best components, manufactured to the highest quality, make it into our aggregate heads. All our parts are painstakingly checked for quality.

For example, our bevel gears are subject to a 90 point inspection that measures the gear's overall 3D shape, the taper of the teeth, and the consistency of the tooth spacing and angle. Our standard for gear tolerance is 1/200th of a millimeter. Our competitor's is .5mm.

Our manufacturing process
makes the difference.

Each of our aggregate heads are individually hand-assembled by a highly skilled technician, who is personally responsible for build quality. That's right, one craftsman does the whole job from start to finish.

Once the assembly is complete, the technician performs a test run of the aggregate for 30 minutes. After the post-run inspection and measurement, the technician finishes sealing the aggregate and signs his name to the inspection report verifying that it has passed his personal inspection.

Vario: adjustable from 0 to 100 degrees

Our customers rave about them!

Our customers tell us that when they turn our drive output, they cannot feel or hear our gears meshing, as the competition's does. Then, when they run our aggregates they are so quiet that they have to turn off their machine's exhaust to hear them.

What does this obsession
with quality mean to you?

It means you'll spend your time cutting and making money, not sending your head out for expensive repairs. It means your aggregates will run smoother, quieter, and cooler, with less wear and tear. We guarantee it.

Each aggregate is hand-assembled from start to finish!

Quattro aggregate milling Duo aggregate mortising Duo aggregate sawing
Quattro: 4-drive output head
Duo: 2-drive output head
Add sawing capability to your CNC

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