Never Down Aggregate Guarantee

with Techniks Aggregates


  • We will provide a replacement aggregate
    if yours needs servicing!

  • Replacement aggregate is on loan until
    original aggregate is back in service.

  • Replacement aggregate limited to standard configuration (no specials)
  1. Why are we doing this?
    Because we believe that the best aggregates deserve the best service plan. No other manufacturer backs their aggregate heads like this. We stand behind our products 100% and expect them to out-perform the competition.

  2. How can we do this?
    We can do this because we know that our aggregates are more reliable than the competition, so very few of our aggregates require servicing.

  3. What about my older, out of warranty
    Techniks aggregates?

    No problem! Loaner aggregates are available for rent while yours is being serviced.

We will provide a replacement if your Techniks
aggregate should ever need servicing.

Call or send us an email
for fast, friendly assistance:

(800) 597-3921 or (317) 803-8000

We build custom aggregates - Call for more info.