SmartLINE Extra Lockset Recess

HSK spindle shown. Specify your machine spindle when ordering.
Innovative lockset recess aggregate features compact design and lighter weight to make this the ideal aggregate for working in tight spaces. Offset design is optimized for cutting lockset recesses, but can be used for other boring operations.

Use For:

  • Routing out lockset recesses
  • other boring operations


  • Offset design optimized for longer tooling operations such as mortising
  • Output options: ER25


  • Collet nut & wrenches
  • ER collets sold separately

Max Speed
Input (Spindle)
8,000 R.P.M.
Max Speed
Output (Tool)
12,000 R.P.M.
Max Torque 3 ft/lbs
Gear Ratio 0:01
Lubrication Grease
Max Temp. 85° C / 185° F
Rotation 360°
Output Direction Same as machine spindle
Tool Interfaces M5