UltraLINE Vario/Viso Aggregate

HSK spindle shown. Specify your machine spindle when ordering.
UltraLINE aggregates feature oil bath lubricated gearing for superior wear resistance, and are sealed from all contaminants for extended life under heavy-duty conditions. UltraLINE aggregates are perfect for sawing using blades larger than 7", V-grooving, heavy routing operations, cutting MDF, composite materials, or cutting aluminum.


  • Ultra Vario Aggregate features a full 200˚ of angle adjustment from -100° to 100°
  • Most flexible of any aggregate head
  • Create "impossible" custom profile and mortises
  • Faster sizing and grooving (saw blade) than with router bits


  • Collet nut & wrenches
  • ER collets sold separately
  • Torx screws and saw blade connection

Max Speed
Input (Spindle)
13,760 R.P.M.
Max Speed
Output (Tool)
15,000 R.P.M.
Max Torque 16.25 Ft/lbs
Gear Ratio 01:01.1
Lubrication Oil Bath
Max Temp. 85° C / 185° F
Rotation 360°
Output Direction Opposite machine spindle
Tool Interfaces K1, K2