Ultra Line Aggregate Heads

Ultra Line – Oil Bath Lubricated Aggregate Heads


For "impossible" jobs.  Adjusts to any angle from 0° to 100°



Our most popular solution for most applications



Provides Right Angle flexibility for routing, sawing, etc.

Ultra Line aggregates are lubricated in an oil bath and are sealed from all contaminants for extended life under heavy-duty conditions. We recommend Ultra Line aggregates for sawing using blades larger than 7", V-grooving, heavy routing applications, cutting MDF, composite materials, or cutting aluminum.   Features:
  • Tool Speed: 15,000 RPM (Vario 12,000)
  • All heads rotate full 360°
  • Backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • HSK, ISO, BT spindle types
  • Torque arms for other spindle types