FunctionLINE Quattro Aggregate

HSK spindle shown. Specify your machine spindle when ordering.
FunctionLINE Quattro aggregates can be configured with 4 ER25 outputs, or two ER25 and two ER32 outputs, or two modular outputs and two ER25 outputs. Modular outputs are required for saw spindles.

They provide the greatest number of configurations and operation specific tool output options for routing, boring, mortising, and sawing operations.


  • Quad, right angle outputs
  • Practically eliminates time consuming tool changes
  • Output options: ER25, ER32, saw blade, modular


  • Collet nut & wrenches
  • ER collets sold separately

Max Speed
Input (Spindle)
10,000 R.P.M.
Max Speed
Output (Tool)
15,000 R.P.M.
Max Torque 14.75 ft/lbs
Gear Ratio 0:01
Lubrication Grease
Max Temp. 85° C / 185° F
Rotation 360°
#1 & #2 clockwise,
#3 & #4 opposite
Tool Interfaces M5, R6, S1, Modular