The average insert drawer can contain dozens of different inserts.

For the last 35 years insert manufacturers have created a vast array of insert grades, over-loading the market with "specialized" insert choices.

Because inserts are "specialized" you had to:
  • use a different grade for each material type
  • stock different inserts for each application
  • change inserts for every material or application

For most shops, this means up to 50% of all the inserts they buy are either:
  • the wrong insert for the material
  • run at the wrong speeds & feeds
  • or not used to the end of their life

See how Nexus inserts simplify manufacturing.

With Nexus you always have the right insert for the job.

Nexus simplifies the insert game.
Our LT grade inserts provide outstanding perfor-mance in ALL materials, effectively rewriting the rules.

For Nexus users this means:
  • less down time spent changing tools
  • up to 50% fewer wasted inserts
  • significantly increased productivity

See for yourself.
Simply use one insert for ALL materials.

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