Benefits of Shrink Fit Tooling

Should I use shrink fit?

If you do high speed, or high torque machining you should seriously consider the benefits of shrink fit technology. Your investment will pay for itself many times over.

BT shrink fit tool holder

BT Shrink Fit tool holder

Techno Shrink Ultra shrink fit machine

Shrink Fit Tool Changing Machine

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With shrink fit toolholders vibration is reduced and cutting is noticeably faster and smoother. Manufacturing times can be reduced while maintaining the quality and accuracy demanded by today's competitive markets.

How it works

Shrink fit uses the expansion and contraction properties of metal to provide extremely powerful tool holding. The bore is slightly smaller than the tool shank, and when heated it expands just enough to allow the tool to be inserted. When it cools, the contraction of the metal holds the cutting tool with 10,000 lbs of force.

Safe, controlled induction heat from the shrink fit machine expands the inside diameter of the tool holder bore so the tool shank can be inserted. shrink fit tool changing
Automatic air cooling contracts the bore to hold the tool with up to 10,000 lbs of holding power creating an extremely rigid connection between the spindle and the cutting tool. shrink fit tool changing
Refer to the chart below for the features and benefits of Shrink Fit tooling.

Shrink Fit Tooling Features & Benefits

10,000 lbs.
Holding Power

Shrink Fit
Tool Changing

Highest Rigidity

Tool Holder

  • T.I.R. 0.0002" max.

  • Permits increased feeds & speeds

  • All but eliminates the chance of slippage

  • Change tools in as little as 6 seconds

  • Pre-set tools off-line

  • Eliminate collets and nuts

  • No need to use torque wrenches or vises

  • Works with carbide and HSS tools

  • Permits increased chip load

  • Improved accuracy and repeatability

  • Improved carbide tool life and reduced tooling costs

  • Increase spindle bearing life

  • Best possible balance

  • Thin profile for machining hard to reach areas

  • Allows short gauge lengths for increased rigidity