Preset Gauges - Set Tool Depth

Touch Lamp Axial Preset Gauge

touch lamp preset gauge

Order No. 07905-2 Touch Lamp Axial Preset Gauge

Touch Lamp Preset Gauge Features

• Accurate to 0.0002"

• Touch lamp lights up 360 degrees

• Height 2" (50mm)

• Magnetic base

How to use:

  1. Test for height of unit with preset gauge an gauge block, adjust if needed with pre-set allen screw on the side of unit.

  2. Do not use calipers for presetting unit, only use gauge block.

  3. Introduce the tool to the unit until light is on, then draw back until the light is off.

  4. When presetting diameter, rotate tool slowly for higher precision.

Analog Axial Preset Gauge
Analog axial preset gauge

Order No. 17906-2 Analog Axial Preset Gauge


• Accurate to 0.0002"

• Height 2"

• Use with gauge pin (included)

1. Use the gauge pin included to press down on the spring-loaded center piece as illustrated.  Please be sure the gauge pin is placed on the shiny surface.

2. Turn the indicator to read "0", then remove the gauge pin.

3. Put the unit on the work piece and carefully jog the tool down to make contact with the gauge face.  When the gauge reads "0" the tool is 2" above the work piece.